Who is your typical client?

Although we advise all sorts of clients, we have built a strong niche among single, widowed, divorced, and married women, many of whom are concerned with the long-term retirement picture.  



What is your philosophy on planning?

Sound financial planning is most successful when it's holistic in nature, addressing all areas of your financial life. That doesn't mean you have to tackle everything at once; however, over time it's important to identify and address gaps in your financial life.    




Where do you meet with clients?

We are happy to meet clients in either our Waltham or Newburyport offices, or through phone and webinar appointments. In select circumstances, where clients are unable to drive, we will meet at their homes.  



What is your philosophy on investing?

There are many ways to be a successful investor. At Tilton Wealth Management, we augment a "core" traditional asset allocation with "tactical" investments to address changing market conditions. We believe that, when used in conjunction, we can target incremental return potential than either approach used alone.  


Should I get my finances in order first?

We hope not! That would be like waiting for an injury to heal before visiting your doctor. Every day is an opportunity to build a new financial life. 



What is your investment minimum?

We typically work with clients who have a minimum of $500,000 invested with Tilton Wealth Management, though we evaluate the financial picture of each prospective client on a case-by-case basis.   



How are you compensated?

We charge a blended advisory fee based on a client's assets under management. This percentage is referred to as "fee-based investing."  However, in certain circumstances, we may present commissionable products or flat-fee consulting services. 



What happens if something happens to Nathaniel?

Nathaniel has entered into a mutual agreement with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Stephen Blanchette, owner of Blanchette Financial Group in Newburyport, Massachusetts. In the event of something unexpected happening to Nathaniel, Steve is prepared to service your wealth planning needs.  



How do I get started?

It starts with a simple phone call, which allows us to understand your financial objectives and share how our firm can be of service. If you decide you'd like to move forward, we can arrange a time to meet in person for a complimentary consultation. To schedule an introductory phone call, please submit the request through our Contact Us page.