Investor360°® is our online client portal that offers you a full picture of your wealth planning efforts, from account details, to past statements and trade confirmations, to activity and secure document storage. Through Investor360°, you can set your paperless preferences, download tax documents, export data to tax software (e.g. TurboTax), or pull in information regarding your outside investment accounts.  Watch this short video to learn how Investor360° can deliver easy access to your complete financial life. 

    Investor360 Video




    Account Aggregation

    Investor360° offers you a single view of your portfolio across all of your accounts, including those held outside of Tilton Wealth Management. Accounts may include bank assets, investment accounts, mortgage accounts, credit card accounts, and workplace retirement plans. 



    Going Paperless

    We are an environmentally-conscious firm that encourages you to be as paperless as possible. Through Investor360°, you can access account statements, trade confirmations, annual reports, prospectuses, and broker/dealer correspondence, and be notified through e-mail when these documents are available. 


    Investor360° Mobile App

    Access your accounts, investments, and trading activity on your mobile device through our free Investor360° app.  The Investor360° app is available for Apple devices through the Apple Store and for Android devices, through Google Play.