Pursue Your Life Goals

Seek to preserve, grow, and transfer your wealth.

Our planning process creates a safe environment for you to discuss your hopes and dreams, and whatever may keep you up at night.

Our Process

By connecting with you on a personal level to understand who you are, where you want to be, and where you are on your financial path, we help you crystallize your vision for your financial life.

  • Step 1: Discovery

    We take the time to gauge your specific circumstances and goals. We encourage you to share your ideas for your future plans, so we can help you get there with strategic planning.

  • Step 2: Planning

    We examine your current financial condition, identify strengths and weak spots, and pinpoint solutions to fill the gaps. With your collaboration, we develop a personalized wealth plan that takes your current situation and future goals into account.

  • Step 3: Investing

    Together, we put your plan into action. Whether it’s as simple as fine-tuning, or more complex with significant changes, we support you every step of the way to build your plan and create an environment of accountability.

  • Step 4: Implementation & Examination

    We implement your plan and continually assess your progress. As your financial life evolves and the markets and economy change, we monitor your wealth plan to help keep you moving in the right direction.


The primary objective for most of our clients is to plan for a successful retirement. We also help clients address issues like funding the costs of college for their children or grandchildren, buying a vacation home, changing jobs, or starting a new business. Sound financial planning addresses all areas of your financial life.


Protection Planning

From life insurance to disability coverage and long-term care, we will help you integrate a protection plan that serves as a safety net for you, your family, and your wealth.


Tax Planning

We seek to help you benefit from tax-preferred investment vehicles, engage in tax-loss harvesting methods, and create strategic income plans in retirement that can help minimize your tax burden.


Estate Planning

We review your beneficiary information, work with your attorney to create synergy between your estate plan and investment plan, ensure your accounts are properly titled, and help you pass your assets to whom you choose.


Professional Network

We want to help you in all areas of your financial life. We have established relationships with trusted professionals in various fields of the advisor marketplace, including accountants, attorneys, and mortgage brokers.


There are many ways to be a successful investor. At Tilton Wealth Management, we augment a "core" traditional asset allocation with "tactical" investments that may address changing market conditions, or specific client interests and values. We believe that when "core" and "tactical" investments are used in conjunction, we can target greater incremental return potential than by either approach used alone.

Core Allocations

The core equity allocation represents the foundation of stock-related holdings within each client’s portfolio. The specific amount earmarked to the core equity allocation is based on the investment objectives of each client, and is constructed in tandem with the core fixed income allocation of each portfolio.

  • Diversified Equities
  • Diversified Fixed
  • Income Socially Responsible Investment Options
  • Low Cost
  • Primarily Passive
  • Risk-Based Asset Allocation

Tactical Allocations

Tactical allocations serve as a complement to core allocations and are designed to seek incremental performance potential by seeking to capitalize on unique market opportunities or alternative investment styles. The amount earmarked to the tactical allocation of each portfolio is determined on a client-by-client basis.

  • Managed Volatility Allocations
  • Cash Alternatives
  • Dividend-Income Investments
  • Alternative Assets

Equity Strategies

We offer individual equity strategies that are each designed to bring you potentially enhanced investment performance over full market cycles.


Blue Chips

Comprised of large-cap, well-established companies that are financially sound, have dependable earnings, and exhibit attractive growth potential.


Deep Value

Focused on companies that under normal circumstances are considered high-quality investments, but due to transitory setbacks may have significantly fallen in price.


Innovative Growth

Seeks to identify high-growth companies that are poised to be a disruptive force within their specific industry.

What's Your Risk Tolerance

In order to build and maintain a portfolio that truly works for you, it is necessary to understand your risk tolerance. We encourage each of our clients to complete our risk questionnaire so we can better serve your needs.

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